EARTH DAY WEEKEND is THIS WEEKEND - Fun ways to celebrate Momma Earth!

Dated: April 18 2024

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As we come up to Earth Day weekend, the area buzzes with so much fun stuff to do for all ages, whether it is the Eco Expo at the EP Mall, drinking beer, petting goats (while drinking beer), food truck chasing and tasting, raising money with pancakes, or even getting rid of junky electronics, or planting trees and of course picking up litter....

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The last week in the area has seen some strong movement and acceleration. Homes are pending in a staggering time frame of 10 days(median).  Another reflection of a "strong" sellers marker is that over 1/3 of all pending homes did not have an inspection contingency in place. It is also relevant to note this would not include a released inspection contingency, but an accepted offer that was written or consequently negotiated without an inspection contingency.

This is a reflection of the limited availability of existing homes to satisfy the demand. 

Buyers are however still not shy about asking for help with some of their closing costs covered. 1/4 in all closed transactions are now having some amount of seller paid closing costs to give the buyer some "cash relief" at closing.

Weekly Home Sales Statistics
SW Suburban Metro 

* 95 homes listed for sale  
(84 the previous week)
* 83 homes to pending status 
(82 the previous week)
* 78 homes sold (closed ) 
(57 the previous week)

* 10 median days to pending  
(11 the previous week) 
* $311 ppsqft average sold 
($299  the previous week ) 

*ppsqft = price per (above ground) sq ft

THIS WEEK reports:



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"The simplification of anything is always sensational"
      - GK Chesterton

Today, the real estate market is pulling from a lot of different directions. Homeowners need a steady experienced person to be a trusted advisor. A market current, pragmatic, and unhyped counsel on potential home investments (dealing with deferred maintenance and cosmetics) and what likely return for their time, effort, and money can be realistically anticipated.

I spend many hours over long periods of time in person, email, and on the phone providing value and confidence to homeowners.
Let me do that for you, it is at the core of what I call... Showing Up, Working Hard, Every Day. & long before I ask for your commitment.

When you invite me to your home. I will drink your coffee, tea, or tap water, and take a brief tour with you. Then, we will discuss your plans and I listen to you carefully.  No "presentation", just me with my legal pad and clipboard.

     - Stieg

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Stieg Strand

Simply Google his name, and you will see that Stieg organically (without paying as an advertiser) is a top trusted Realtor in the area. Stieg is a 25+ year real estate veteran who knows that tenacity ....

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